Lid Matching for Bagasse Container

Classification of Bagasse Container Lids (By Material)

1.Plastic lid

PP transparent/anti-fog & transparent Microwaveable
PET transparent/anti-fog & transparent Microwaveable
PVC transparent Non-microwaveable
Features: brand new material (not mixed with recycled material, no odor, high transparency), produced by imported machines - fast, high qualification rate, no burr.

2.Bagasse lid Microwaveable

Lid style: flat lid, convex lid

Redgrass Strength in Lid Matching

A.Control in quality of raw materials, fiber bonding and edge hardness of the product

Product from Redgrass: use sugarcane pulp from premium quality pulp mills in Guangxi/Yunnan. High quality sugarcane bagasse pulp + bamboo pulp go in a certain proportion to blend, plus reasonable beating and thinning time can produce the perfect raw material. Our products have smooth surface, healthy color, strong edge hardness and excellent toughness.

Product from other suppliers: choose poor quality sugarcane pulp. The lack of attention to the proportion and details of pulp preparation, resulting in the production of products with rough surface, easy dissolution of fibers, weak hardness and poor toughness.

B.Control in design of the product

Product from Redgrass - minimalist design style. Eliminate superfluous and ineffective design, only retain the necessary structure, so as to balance aesthetics and the amount of material used. Actively communicate with customers to accurately understand their needs and provide optimal solutions.

For example, full snap-on fit
Full snap-on fit suitable for soup, porridge and other liquid food due to its better tightness.

1 (1)

Toothed snap-on fit

Toothed snap-on fit is easy to open and close and is suitable for pastry products.

1 (2)

The more the snap-fits, the tighter the fastening degree, which can be adjusted according to the actual requirements of the guests.

1 (3)

Other suppliers- prefer to design complex structures (imitation plastic bowls), which are ineffective and wasteful of materials, raising the gram weight of the product and increasing the purchase cost.

C.Extensive experience in lid matching

Redgrass not only understand the uniqueness of pulp products and the key points of capping, but also have extensive experience in capping. Redgrass matching lids are easy to open and close, yet do not cause food to spill during transport. Increase customer satisfaction and thus increase sales

Other factories - like to imitate plastic products by directly replacing them with paper, not understanding the difference between plastic with plastic and paper with plastic. As a result, the lids are often too loose (spilling food during packing, leading to complaints) or too tight (difficult for customers to open, spilling food when opened too hard, leading to complaints).

D.Control in edge cutting

Redgrass - Cut one at a time, with a flat cut edge, so as to minimize product errors and better fit the lid.

Other factories - Cut as many as possible at a time (3-6), the pursuit of production while sacrificing the accuracy of cutting edge. This leads to good and bad results in matching caps.

E.Control in QC system

Redgrass - There is a special sampling inspection method for the lid products, and the lid matching effect is checked regularly throughout the production process to control the lid matching situation. Timely detection of problems and the fastest way to deal with and adjust, to avoid a large number of unqualified lid products.

Other factories - lack of mid-term inspection, generally only at the end of the sampling inspection. Problems are found too late.

F.Efficient procurement service

Redgrass - One - stop service with both paper + plastic lids as a complete set. Customers do not need to find another supplier of plastic lids, which greatly improves the procurement efficiency.

Other factories - Only do the paper part, customers need to find a separate factory for the plastic lid.

Post time: Dec-28-2021