Molded fiber tableware with lamination


Molded fiber tableware with lamination

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What is lamination tableware?

On the surface of molded pulp tableware, a film was laminated, this film separate the food and pulp, obstructing the water and oil pentrated into pulp.
The film enhance the hot resistance performance for products.


Surface difference between pulp and film


Without lamination: Pulp surface is dim and have a little rough when you touch it.


With PE lamination: Smooth surface with film luster.

Main production process

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What kind of film could be used for lamiantion?

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The heat resistance performance

Product heat use condition PLA film PE film  PBAT film CPET film
Heat oilresistance for   lamination products Up to 120°C Up to 120°C  Up to 120°C  Up to 220°C 
Hot water resistance for   lamination products Good Good Good Excellent

PLA film\PBAT film is Biodegradable & compostable.

Food contact certificate test

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Our Products

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